Final Thoughts…

8 04 2017

It’s hard to believe that we find ourselves at the end of yet another semester. With that in mind, it is time to reflect on the course prototype that we put together earlier in the semester. I know I speak on behalf of the majority of the class when I say, the course prototype assignment was more than just an assignment. We were able to really connect with blended learning and the ability to present materials in a different and unique way. Although this was not an easy feat by any standard, it was well worth the time and energy that went into it. In some small way, it was tough look through all the prototypes and explore all the possibilities that members in the class were able to portray. A lot of time and energy went into these projects, and I can only hope that they will remain available to us in the future, to use in our current jobs and future endeavors.

Overall, I felt that the course prototype that we put together allowed us to really showcase our learnings and integration of technologies that we gained throughout the class. As a person who was new to all the different terms and ideas that surrounded online and blended learning, I came out of this class knowing more about the world of both teaching both face-to-face and the ability to incorporate distance education as well. As I mentioned in my summary of learning, LMS meant nothing to me until we really dove into the idea that there are a number of different learning management systems that may not be thought about all the time. Now I know some of the inner working of the educational technology I am using in my classroom on a daily basis, which in turn helps with planning and integration of my own lessons.

In relation to my specific prototype module, I was able to reflect on the feedback that I received from my classmates and was able to identify some areas of opportunity for future planning. It was mentioned that my module was not as friendly to the grade three students that may be taking this blended learning course. In looking at this, I was able to see that it was aimed at more of a middle years’ category, and being a grade eight teacher may have encouraged me to produce a module that was aimed at the students I teach on a daily basis. This skewed the outcome of the module and with a couple very minor adjustments, I would be able to rework some of the assignments and videos that I provided for students to complete. I am very appreciative of the feedback and information that the classmates provided and will use it to better the planning and development of similar learning experiences in the future.

As a final thought, I would recommend this class to future students and encourage them to take EC&I834 based on the inner workings of blended learning. I feel as though I now have an advantage in developing and deploying blended learning opportunities for students. This in some small way, makes me a learning leader in this field in relation to the teaching staff I work with daily and can be used as an advantage in setting up new ideas and processes in the building I work within.




One response

9 04 2017

Thanks for the post! I agree that the feedback was generally really helpful for looking analytically at the things we have created – it isn’t often when we can get a lot of educator feedback for free on our stuff!

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