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25 03 2017

It seems like just yesterday we were starting this class and already it is winding down for the semester. With that in mind, it is time to submit the coveted prototype assignment. I will say that at first, I was 100% concerned about the assignment and what was expected. This was mainly because it was something new that I had never attempted before. In saying that, it turned out to be quite a pleasure to put together. There certainly was some trial and error with the use of a new software that I had not used before. Having completed the assignment now, and having used screencast-o-matic, Kahoot, and Google Docs, I have discovered a lot of potential.


Photo Credit: Ifuturistics

The potential that lives in various software applications truly is endless. When first starting this project, I attempted to use a number of different learning tools that would supplement and support the learning from the lens of an online learner. It became very obvious, very quickly that this would be more of a challenge then I had originally anticipated. With so many valuable tools to try out, it became a little overwhelming to try and incorporate a variety of them in my prototype. After looking through a number and trying many different software applications, I was able to narrow down the search and understanding of how each one operated. In doing this, I created a mini-unit that would explore and walk students through the learning complexities of finding valuable research that could in turn, be used to support the learning and understanding of a topic that the student would choose. This became a universal learning experience that could be adapted to not just Genius Hour but instead almost any research project, with simplistic and appropriate adaptations for grade level and intensity of project.

As time began to get away from me, I noticed that this project was shaping up to be something very comprehensive and detailed. With the help of my teaching team, it was possible to see that this online prototype would become something much greater than we expected. It grew into a very well-oiled machine that would soon be ready for any teacher to use in their classroom or learning environment. While working with an extremely diverse team, we found that this prototype would be something that would become valid from early elementary all the way to secondary education facilities if adapted properly.

In hindsight, I can now see how the applications and ideas used in this project, could be used in my classroom on a regular basis and without major learning curves for students that already use computers on almost a daily basis. By creating the prototype, I was forced to read, try and comprehend a number of different software systems that would supplement the learning that occurs in the everyday classroom. An example of this would be the use of Screencast-o-matic. I will admit this has become one of my new favorite tools to use with students when presenting project and displaying information in a meaningful and genuine way. In my grade eight classroom, I have brought this tool into a new assignment that students will be creating over the new little while. The assignment is as follow:

  • Create a Screencast-o-matic presneation that will outline your learning of treaties.
  • You will use the researching method that was provided to you last day to find more information on the treaty number you have selected.
  • Once you believe you have an appropriate amount of information (including past, present and future implications on treaties), you will create a presentation of your choosing.
  • The presentation will be presented virtually through the use of Screencast-o-matic. Your presneation must be under ten minutes in length and will include the speaking and manipulation of the screen by both you and your partner.
  • All presentations will be displayed during class time and will be assessed by your classmates using Survey Monkey (pre-shared link).


Photo Credit: Dogtrax

As the semester comes to a close, I look forward to the anticipated use of many other applications and software’s that I have learned about over the course of this grad class.




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25 03 2017

I like “forced to read”- that’s exactly how I felt, but like you I have learned a LOT!

25 03 2017

I love that you have so many ideas about how to use Screen-cast-o-matic in the classroom. I had never used it before this course, and I have really fallen in love with it. I have started to use it for everything because it is so easy to use and directly uploads to YouTube. I will be using it similarly for some of the things you suggest as well – a true multi-tool!

26 03 2017
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