Engaging Interactions

4 03 2017

There really are a ton of different interaction software opportunities for the instructor to communicate with the student(s). It should be noted that although they all have their own strengths and limitations, it is up to the educator to determine what might be the best choice when selecting something that is both engaging and beneficial to the learner and instructor. This is quite the balancing act to determine what would fit in the above stated category. However, is one style of interaction enough between the instructor and the student(s)? The answer to that is quite possibly no. When looking for engagement amongst the class, it is vital to incorporate a number of different interaction opportunities. We see this happening in the EC&I 834 class with both the chat, demonstrations, experimenting and of course face to face virtual interactions. This allows for all students to participate in one way or another with the course at hand. Although some people may not be comfortable with speaking in front of a large group of people, some of the stress and anxiety can be eliminated through the typed communication.


Photo Credit: San José Library

In regards to the module that I produce, there is a couple different interaction opportunities that provide some immediate feedback and there are also opportunities to record thoughts and ideas for other students to view and comment on. A more in depth description of the areas that were used are provided below:


Flip Grid – Students will view a video about the importance of Quality Research when finding information for their Genius Hour Presentation(s). They will then use the during reading and after reading strategy when viewing and reading information in the video.

Once they have come to the end of the instructional aspect of this portion of the module, they will use Flip Grid as their after reading reflection strategy. When students visit the Flip Grid link they will be prompted to reflect on a few specific areas that they will then share to the Flip Grid Community. It is an expectation that they will provide genuine and quality reflection on the topic at hand.


Screencastify/ Google Doc.

This will be used as an instructor information video. Student will be required to view the short video and take note of some of the information that they believe is vital to their individual learning. Students will then perform an activity that includes comparing and contrasting of different websites they will look at. Students will use the information from the teacher lead Screencastify video to complete this task.

When completing their T-Chart, they will have the opportunity to share this document with the rest of the class, or just the instructor. This will allow for collaboration and the ability to see what other students have found when looking for quality research for a Genius Hour Presentation.



At the end of this module, students will be required to complete a short Kahoot Quiz to see what they have learnt over the course of the module. Students will be provided with immediate feedback on how they are answering the questions. They will be able to retake the quiz if they score below 80%. Students must get at least 80% on the exam to be able to move forward to the next section of the Genius Hour Unit.

As one is able to see, a wide array of different interactions will be provided to the students learning about Seeking of Quality Information. The variety and interaction potentials will provide a great deal of ability for students to communicate both amongst themselves and with the educator. The intention is to provide a blended learning environment that is collaborative for the students learning the materials. In this case the material is intended for a Middle Years students but could be adapted to work with younger students or high school students as required by the educator.




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4 03 2017
Sarah Wandy

I agree! One method of interaction is not enough, because not all formats are suitable to all purposes.

4 03 2017
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5 03 2017

I think you have chosen some great tools that can be used for a variety of reasons. They are all great tools to engage students and also to get formative assessments along the way.

5 03 2017

Great post this week! All of the blogs I have read have one common denominator that I have failed to include in my current idea for the prototype, which it Flip Grid.

Thank you for sharing your ideas this week, I may have to consider adding Flip Grid to my tool repertoire.

5 03 2017
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